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Name: Nanashi
School: Fortitude
Dorm: Pale 2-A with Spain, South Italy and Ukraine
Current State: Alive

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TRIGGERS. Nothing that he will react to in front of others. Most of his past haunts him (when he remembers it in Rakuen) but it is something he deals with very privately.
Just don't try and drain small children of their blood, then you tend to die.

MEDICAL INFO. Nothing here.
MENTAL INFO. Nothing really here either, see above for dealing with issues very privately.
FOURTH-WALLING. Yep if you like- though he is an AU so would not be the Nanashi known to anyone fourth walling him.
PHYSICAL CONTACT. You will get a funny luck
ROMANCE/SEXUAL RELATIONS. No, well, you could try... Don't expect any form of reciprocation though
INJURE/KILL. Yep. He is a very good fighter, especially in fighting without a weapon; or more specifically with a weapon that is bound as not to be used.
ANYTHING ELSE. Let me know if you want to avoid spoilers, even though it is an AU. Also any Japanese speaking characters will know that Nanashi means no-name, just as a heads up.


Feb. 18th, 2012 10:13 pm
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How am I doing with Nanashi? Leave any crit here, all comments are screened and anonymous should be enabled!
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Name: Nanashi
Age: 26 (ish)
Canon: Sword of the Stranger
Canon point: Post film
AU History: Nanashi is not Nanashi's real name, but it's the only name anyone's going to get from him. Nor will you get to know where he is originally from or how he ended up in Japan in the first place, mainly because he doesn't know.

Nanashi arrived in Japan when he was a teenager, his first memory is waking in a hospital, he had been found in a river and no one knew how he had gotten there. He could not remember his name, or where he came from, there were no people of his description reported missing, and he was definitely recognisable, his red hair made him stand out.

There was some effort to trace his family, but nothing came out of it, as Nanashi was only fifteen there was talk of sending him to an orphanage, Nanashi didn't like the sound of that, so he ran.

He ran and kept running, traveling from town to town, changing his name every time he ended up somewhere new. However he quickly found that there was not much work to be found for a boy young enough to be still in school, a boy who though he spoke Japanese was very obviously at least partly foreign, with no passport or visa. No ID at all.

He wasn't sure how exactly he ended up as deep in the mafia as he was, it started off simply, meeting someone who gave him an odd job here and there, soon he was part of a "family" and there he found belonging and honour, things that he never even knew he was missing.

The names he had taken became titles, his red hair and fighting skills heightened his reputation, it was by no means an easy life but it was his and he no longer had to worry about who he was.

Sadly things don't last. The leader of his family was killed, an accident or an assassination, most probably the latter but never proven. Nanashi's family was disbanded but not before Nanashi had done something he would regret for the rest of his life. He thought he was killing the man suspected of killing his leader, he had not thought there would be others in the house. He had not even considered innocents, and yet as he stared at the bodies of the woman and children that he had killed he wondered for the first time how on earth he had come to this.

After that he put away his gun, not completely, he kept it on him, hidden of course, but also unusable thanks to a small metal bracket he had installed over the safety catch. It kept it stuck and it would take a strong pull on the braid that came off it in order to free it. He wondered himself sometimes over the effort he had went to for this, it would have been easier to get rid of the gun altogether, after all guns were highly illegal, it would be safer without one.

He couldn't bring himself to though. For a year he wandered, on the run sort of though nobody could prove it was him that had killed the woman and children, he dyed his hair black, which helped him to fit in a little more.

He wandered unable to get a legal job, unwilling to go back into the mafia his life drifting until the day he met Kotarou.

Kotarou, being as he was only seven, had been wandering for far less time to much worse effect. A homeless street kid with torn clothes, a constantly grumbling stomach and only a semi-feral dog for company, he was a far cry from the young heir of a famous Chinese pharmaceuticals company he had been a year before. By the time Nanashi was ambling aimlessly through the backstreets of Tokyo, the kid was in no state to make friends.

After meeting briefly in an alleyway Kotarou is found by several members of an unknown foreign mafia. Seemingly reluctant, Nanashi comes to his aid, fighting only with his bare hands and finally defeating them when he drew his gun and crushed the ringleader’s throat with the barrel. Tobimaru, Kotarou’s pet dog, fought fiercely to protect the both of them, but was taken down by a knife to the side.

They had to run fast before the police got there, but luckily one of the men had left their motorcycle still running outside the alley. Obviously they had thought grabbing the kid would be a two minute job. Wordlessly Nanashi grabbed the kid and the injured dog and they escaped from the scene of the crime. Nanashi planned to leave the kid a few streets along and have that be the end of it.

Kotarou had different plans. He was meant to be traveling to his godfather’s house on the other side of Tokyo. When his father had died, his remote godfather had paid for him to come to Japan and come to live with him, but in the middle of the night Kotarou’s minder and a group of strangers had tried to kidnap Kotarou, only to have the boy escape and flee into the city. He knew the address of his godfather but not how to get there. There was also the matter of the dog: Tobimaru was actually an assistance dog, trained to help Kotarou in the event of a seizure or fit. He was also Kotarou’s only remaining friend, and the cut was deep and dangerous.

Nanashi did not want to get involved; he was trying to keep his head down, stay out of trouble. Kotarou offered him a pendant he had taken with him when he ran, apparently worth over a million yen. It was definitely ornate, looking completely out of place on the ragged starving child. Nanashi doubted it was worth a million yen, more like half that, but it was still a lot of money.

They headed to the nearest vet, Nanashi driving the motorcycle while awkwardly balancing the dog in front of him inside his jacket, Kotarou clinging to his back, all whilst keeping to the back roads. Kotarou was rude and disrespectful, and had also decided that since he had technically employed Nanashi he could boss him around. For his part Nanashi ignored his attitude.

Vets are expensive, of course, but Nanashi called in a favour. The dog was eventually seen to, treatment was received, the boy relaxed. They found somewhere to bed down for the night, though Kotarou stayed awake in a silent vigil for Tobimaru. The next day Nanashi swapped the number plates on the motorbike, in case anyone was looking for them, and got Kotarou to dispose of the original plates in the river.

Slowly the two became friends. Very slowly. It took an argument, a lot of Kotarou insulting Nanashi and a threat to leave before they came to a quiet agreement. Tobimaru’s recovery helped, there was less tension the moment the dog was awake and attentive again.

Nanashi taught Kotarou how to ride a motorbike, Nanashi sat behind him, helping him with the pedals his young legs couldn’t reach. They made their way slowly to Kotarou’s godfather’s home, hidden away in a town just outside Tokyo. They were, of course, aware they were being hunted, their was a few attacks past the first one, neither of them knew why, but it was definitely Kotarou they were after; not Nanashi.

They arrived at the house a day or so later. Large and sprawling, the grounds took a long time to walk through. They parted ways on good terms, Nanashi paid with a pendant actually worth only a few thousand yen and the promise that if he ever wanted a real name, Kotarou would give him one.

Nanashi didn’t get far, Kotarou was led into the house and into the arms of the mafia members who had been hunting him. They had threatened his godfather and his family. You see, Kotarou’s father had made a medical breakthrough just before he died. Knowing that others would do anything to get their hands on the knowledge, he injected the antibodies into his own son, safe. He also made a copy of his information and stored it on a small memory disk set into his wife’s pendant, now held by his son.

The men captured Kotarou and fled the estate, Nanashi heard the shouts and the screech of car tyres, but returned to the house too late to do anything but wreck his motorbike in an attempt to run the car off the driveway. The godfather was no help, a shivering wreck, and with only the muttered explanation that they needed Kotarou’s blood, he was left to huddle in his destroyed house as Nanashi left with Tobimaru.

They ran through the night, hitchhiking when they could and going cross-country when they couldn’t. Kotarou had been taken to an old warehouse, and were waiting there, they needed samples of blood. Of course the pendant couldn’t be found and the men were becoming angry. They began to fight among themselves, they started to turn on Kotarou, see if he knew any of his fathers’ secrets. Then Nanashi and Tobimaru appeared, exhausted but furious.

In the end it was a blood bath, for the first time Nanashi pulled the bracket off his gun, screaming for Kotarou as he fired. The men fought each other too, Nanashi didn’t know how many of the bodies were his doing, it definitely wasn’t all of them, but it was a lot.

Nanashi was injured, Kotarou had mainly managed to escape with cuts and bruises and there was one man left. One man, blond haired, who had stood out from among the others. Seeing Nanashi was injured Kotarou picked up a gun and pointed it at the man with shaking arms. It could of gone horribly wrong, but it didn’t the man stood there watching Nanashi until Nanashi stood and came between him and Kotarou.

They fought, Nanashi won, Kotarou and Tobimaru watched from the side lines and between them helped their friend out of the warehouse, they found a scooter, just small enough for Kotarou to ride if he stood up, he loaded Nanashi on the back and set off, away from the scene of the crime. Leaving a trail of Nanashi's blood behind them.

Nanashi does a very good job of appearing unassuming, quiet and slightly lazy. The cap he wears pulled low over his eyes helps with this illusion. When he speaks his voice is low, calm and slightly bored.

However, despite appearances Nanashi is dangerous, aware of everything that goes on around him. His eyes are everywhere while seeming to be nowhere, his relaxed posture is one that is always ready at a moments notice to slip into a fighting stance. His stillness is not one of laziness but of awareness. Not even Tobirmaru realises he is there for a moment the first time he meets Kotarou. He is the person you wouldn't even notice in a crowd, yet he is not to be underestimated.

Even when he fights his movements are smooth and relaxed as if fighting is little more than a vague annoyance for him, he will avoid starting fights, though he doesn't stand for himself or others being attacked unfairly. When pushed he fights hard, when he is finally brought to unbind his gun it is in an act of protection; and no one is left alive.

Nothing seems to bother Nanashi, though plagued with nightmares from his time as a fighter and those he killed this doesn't affect him in the daytime, he never mentions his past and seems determined to keep it behind him; and yet has bound his gun in fear that he will hurt innocents again. Insults and Kotarou's rudeness just seem to slide off him, even when Kotarou gets angry at him he doesn't lose his temper, merely leaves him alone.

Pain doesn't bother him either, he feels it as much as anyone else. But it is something that he embraces, even when offered something to stop the pain before he fought he declined it claiming that pain is what reminds him he is alive.

Nanashi is a man of little words, he says what is needed and keeps quiet the rest of the time. He keeps his expressions small and neutral, preferring to hide behind the illusion that he is uncaring a lazy.

Around Kotarou he is slightly more open, he trusts the kid and has come to like him, he will smile more openly around him and even though he broke his vow and gun bind for him he would not change anything. He is extremely protective of Kotarou but not smothering, he treats him as a mixture of a comrade, employer and annoying nephew.

Name: Akage

Form: A gun shaped club,

  • Durability boost
  • Dexterity boost
  • Amnesia
  • Breaking Point
  • Form change (into an actual gun)

Lost memories:
  • How to read.
  • That he dyes his hair
  • Tobimaru's name
  • Why he bound his gun.
  • How much the jade pendant was actually worth.
  • That hats are worn on the head
  • That he has no memories before the age of fifteen.
  • How to tie shoelaces
  • His first meeting with Kotarou
  • How to use all forms of cutlery


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