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TRIGGERS. Nothing that he will react to in front of others. Most of his past haunts him (when he remembers it in Rakuen) but it is something he deals with very privately.
Just don't try and drain small children of their blood, then you tend to die.

MEDICAL INFO. Nothing here.
MENTAL INFO. Nothing really here either, see above for dealing with issues very privately.
FOURTH-WALLING. Yep if you like- though he is an AU so would not be the Nanashi known to anyone fourth walling him.
PHYSICAL CONTACT. You will get a funny luck
ROMANCE/SEXUAL RELATIONS. No, well, you could try... Don't expect any form of reciprocation though
INJURE/KILL. Yep. He is a very good fighter, especially in fighting without a weapon; or more specifically with a weapon that is bound as not to be used.
ANYTHING ELSE. Let me know if you want to avoid spoilers, even though it is an AU. Also any Japanese speaking characters will know that Nanashi means no-name, just as a heads up.